Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Which I Employ An Archaic Method Of Paying For Goods And Services

Every now and then, a series of circumstances come together in such a way to let us know that the universe is trying to tell us something.

This happened to me today. My good pal Jessica informed me that there were some big sales going on at our local mall, so I drove on over. Lucky me, two of my very favorite stores were having some pretty awesome sales! I eagerly tried on a few clothing items, and selected my favorites. They fit well, were comfortable, and perfect for summertime. I wait in a LONG line. My child waits in the long line with me and manages not to wreak havoc. I approach the register. I am asked by the sales clerk, "Will you be using your Our Company Name credit card today?"

"Why, yes, of course I am!" I smugly hand over the card. I have been a proud card-holding member at this establishment for nearly ten years. It is my go-to place, the place I know the clothes will fit and will last a long time. The perky sales clerk hands my card back to me and chipperly says, "I just have to call this in." I ask her if there is a problem. "Probably just because of your address change" she replies. (Prior to running the card, she takes my phone number at the register and has me verify contact information, you know, so that Big Brother can keep watch over me they can send me coupons.) After a couple of minutes she hands the phone to me. Apparently, because I haven't used the card in quite some time, it was deactivated. In order to reactivate it, they have to check my credit report again. Fine, fine, I tell them. I hand the phone back to the perky sales clerk. Bless her little heart.

Now she asks me for another method of payment. "It will take a few days to reactivate the card."


I hand over a different card. Declined.

I hand over yet another card. Declined. (My face and neck are growing quite red at this point.)

And yes, I hand over a THIRD card. Declined. (It would be appropriate at this juncture to mention that all 3 cards are from the same bank.)

WTH??? I just checked my account balances and everything is in order...

I call the customer service number on the back of the credit card. I hold up the entire line behind me. The perky sales clerk just says, "I'm going to suspend this order while you take care of this with the bank. We'll be happy to ring it up again once it's cleared up." I just smile at her and don't budge. I want these clothes, dadgummit!

One of the many headaches of moving involves updating your address with everyone in the whole world. While we did indeed update our address with the bank, I learn that two weeks ago they mailed me all new cards. To my old address. And deactivated the ones I have in my wallet. The dingleberries. How dare they??!!

I toss my phone into my purse with a hint of self-righteous indignation. Whereupon it lands on my checkbook. I so very rarely write checks anymore, and NEVER at stores, that I completely forgot that it was a viable option.

I wrote my check, which was processed electronically, in exactly the same way my debit card would have been processed,except for the fact that it had been deactivated two weeks ago when they sent me new cards to my old address.

And I brought home my new clothes.

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I loved your story, ( not that you had such an exasperating experience) I laughed, because anything electronic will brake, its just a matter of time, but paper and pen are pretty reliable. Beckie