Sunday, November 5, 2006

Things to Smile About

Today I thought I would compose a list of things that have caused me to smile in these last few weeks. These are things that would not normally be spectacularly wonderful, but being 36 weeks pregnant, these things have become nearly miraculous. Enjoy!

1. Last night, I slept 4 1/2 hours straight without waking up to go to the bathroom.

2. I actually got through an evening at church without anyone commenting on the size of my belly.

3. Feeling giddy and excited from ordering a car seat base, as though I was actually ordering, say, a high definition television , or hundreds of dollars worth of my favorite candles.

4. Sugar-free ice cream

5. Laying in bed reading all afternoon while DH built shelves for the nursery.

6. Setting up a diaper-changing station in my bedroom. Again, it made me giddy. Why? Why should the equivalent of a toilet sitting out in my bedroom be a happy thing? Well, it was.

7. At my last doctor visit, I hadn't gained any weight from the previous visit. Yippee! (Although the previous visit was only a week before. In normal life, one generally wouldn't gain a lot of weight in only a week! lol!)


Amber said...

Four and a half hours straight with no potty breaks? That would have been deemed a miracle when those final moths, I was sometimes awake every half hour!!!

lemony said...

Want to know what I was doing while you were lying in bed all afternoon reading? Yeah? Good. Let me tell you...

I was at a birthday party with ten hopped-up-on-chocolate-frosting 6-year-old girls.

The jealousy is killing you, isn't it? :)

Damselfly said...

Yeah, isn't it amazing how even the most mundane little-baby things can get you excited? Bottle that and keep it for later....

Amber said...

Formula isn't so expensive. That kid just ate a TON.

When my daughter stopped nursing, we spent about $20 a week on formula, a bit more the norm.

Mommy off the Record said...

Getting the car seat base is at LEAST as exciting than getting a new TV. I get it. I'm totally the same way!