Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When I can't think of a good post title, I'll just call it "Bob."

Pregnancy is just one amazing discovery after another of bizarre and wonderful things one's body is capable of doing.

For as long as I can remember, I have had oily skin. I suffered from wretched acne in high school, which calmed down as I grew up but never completely went away. Then, I became pregnant, and BAM! I looked like a 13-year old again. Gah.

Then came the second trimester. My skin cleared up beautifully, I had never had such a clear complexion. I was loving it!

Now, in the final weeks, my face has dried up and is cracking and peeling like the desert floor. If I squint when I look in the mirror, I can see tumbleweeds traveling across my face, and I hear the theme from Rawhide in my head. Also, my back is now covered in pimples. What on earth??!! Pimples on my BACK?

It seems to me that my body just can't decide which parts of it want to be oily and which parts want to be dry. Although I suppose if I'm going to have zits, I would much rather have them on my back where no one can see them.

Thankfully, I find myself amused by my body's antics. I only have a couple more weeks of weirdness, and then my body should return to its previous state. Hopefully!

In other news, my friend is coming over today to decorate our nursery. She is a professional interior decorator, and her baby gift to us is for her to come make a beautiful room for our little baby! I'm so excited. I'm going to go take a "before" picture, and when she's done I'll take an "after" picture and show the miracles she has wrought.

I hope everyone has a lovely day!


Damselfly said...

Oh, you're so funny! I never saw any acne or tumbleweeds on your face, though.

I know the nursery is going to be the best!

Anne/kq said...

Ick, I have hormone-driven skin problems, too! I also get acne while breastfeeding. *sigh* I hope your skin problems clear up soon instead of sticking around! Good luck with that baby, and keep your chin up!

beth said...

I can't wait to see pix of your nursery, what a great gift! And I'm sure you will return to your normal state of beauty soon after your babe to be arrives :)

Mommy off the Record said...

I had almost the same thing happen while I was pregnant. Had oily skin forever and then it cleared up during my pregnancy, only to come back with a vengence after I had the baby.

Our bodies DO get terribly confused when we're pregnant, don't they?

Amber said...

I'm excited to see your nursery!

And pregnancy IS an amazing thing (and takes an amazing toll on your body). It frizzes my hair out to no end. Oh, and it made me gain weight. Go figure. :-)

Lotta said...

"then my body should return to its previous state"

Aaah grasshopper. So much to learn. So. Much.