Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Of Dexterity and Clumsiness

My motor skills have improved since having a baby.

I can do things one-handed. I can hold the baby, get a jug of milk out of the fridge, close the fridge door with my foot, pour a glass of milk, put the milk back in the fridge, and do all of this without dropping the baby.

That's incredible.

I can keep my balance while carrying Lancelot in his carseat, walking down the stairs with a diaper bag on one shoulder, a purse on the other, and keys in my hands.


And yet I trip over my shoes while walking to the bathroom. No baby in my arms, no diaper bag dangling from my shoulder.

I'm a dexterous clutz. I think I'll start a club. All mothers of infants are welcome to join.


Damselfly said...

Dexterous klutz. I love it! Sign me up. I made cupcakes for Valentine's Day with one arm (baby in the other), yet I trip over the door threshhold.

Amber said...

I'm definitely there as well. And I'm Amazing Insomniac Mom as well, able to subsist on a mere few hours of sleep!

Mango Tango said...

Let's just hope you don't hang on to the milk and put the baby in the fridge...