Wednesday, February 21, 2007

They grow up so fast!!

*Sniffle, sniffle*

Can someone hand me a tissue, please?

Yesterday I had to pack away Lancelot's newborn baby clothes. Every single item of clothing had some memory attached to it: "This is what he wore on the day he first smiled!" "He wore this little hat the first time we took him to our Bible study." "These are the socks he always kicked off!" "This is the onesie he pooped all over..." etc etc etc.

I'm sure I shed a tear or two.

On the brighter side, this means he can now wear all the cute 3-month size clothes that he received as gifts at the baby shower. The adorable little rompers that have been hanging in the closet, just waiting for Lancelot to wear them! The blue-and-white striped little cap that used to come down over his eyes is now a perfect fit! The cute teddy bear t-shirt and short set I found at a garage sale months before he was born!

I think I'm going to make a point of photographing him in each outfit the first time he wears them, so I'll be able to remember how he looked in all his baby clothes without digging through a plastic tub. All I'll have to do is open the photo album!

It's amazing how little use he got out of the clothes. It made me realize how silly it is to pay big bucks for baby clothes. Some stuff he never even GOT to wear because it was mis-sized! The sleepers that are marked 3-6 months but which are too tight in the arms and legs. Stuff like that.

E-Bay and thrift stores, here I come!


Alex said...

Yes, they do grow rather quickly. I just put away a bunch of baby clothes that my little one grew out of and now is in the need for larger sizes. I did some shopping online at and bought her an adorable Easter Dress by Kate Mack! This one will be a keeper as well!

Anne/kq said...

Awww. I am always a little sad packing away one size of baby clothes, but love digging through the boxes (yes, even when we only had one, we had BOXES of hand-me-downs and gifts) and re-organizing and getting the next ones out. Plus, you know, shopping. :D I have managed to make a profit on ebay this month, but I've already spent it on more baby clothes (also on ebay.) I'm pretty pathetic...

Damselfly said...

You know crazy I am about baby clothes, so I can totally relate! I love your idea of photographing Lancelot in his outfits the first time he wears them.