Monday, July 23, 2007

10 Reasons Why I Have Not Been Good At Blogging This Week

1. Hubby was out of the country, leaving me and Lance alone for a week and a half.

2. I spent a good portion of that week and a half at my parent's house, and their internet was on the fritz each time I tried to get online and blog.

3. Lance decided that since Daddy wasn't home to put him to sleep at night that he would just cry. And cry. A lot. And once he fell asleep every night, he would wake up. Multiple times. Just to see if Daddy was home yet.

4. Daddy wasn't home yet.

5. Hubby arrived home on Sunday afternoon. Yay! Daddy put Lance to sleep and all was well with the world again.

6. On Monday (today,) Hubby had to stay at work late because the computers decided to crash. 20 of them. At the same time. And he had to rebuild them. As I type this, he is still rebuilding them. (11:30 p.m.)

7. So once again, Lance was waiting for Daddy to come home to put him to sleep. The little guy is so confused. When he gets confused, he gets loud and just won't go to sleep. Until he is so exhausted that he literally has to scream himself to sleep.

8. Now it's late and Daddy still isn't home. Mommy is exhausted. She wants to read all her friend's blogs but she's just too tired.

9. Mommy isn't mad at Daddy because it's not Daddy's fault that his grandfather passed away and he had to go out of the country, and it's not Daddy's fault that the computers broke tonight, and it's not Daddy's fault that Lance only likes Daddy to put him to sleep.

10. But Mommy IS mad. She just doesn't know who or what to be mad at.

So that's why she hasn't been great at blogging this past week.


Amber said...

Ohhhh, I so feel for you! Being a single parent is so draining and exausting. Jamie comes back from a business trip to Kansas today and I am chomping at the bit for him to walk in the door.

Hopefully life returns to normal for you and little Lancelot!

Awesome Mom said...

Poor mommy!!! I hope that your hubbie comes home soon.

Jessica said...

You can be mad at the injustice of the world! I feel ya...I understand the mad feeling and no one to be mad at! Hopefully you get some rest and all will be better!

Kristi said...

I don't blame you for feeling mad. I'm pretty much a single parent with my husband's work schedule, and it sucks. So I can completely sympathize.

Haley said...

I hope that your hubby got home o.k. and that little lance got to sleep. :-)

This post was funny to me, only because I can totally relate to your feelings of frustration and not knowing where to apply them.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day! :-)

Damselfly said...

I feel for ya. We need to go OUT!