Monday, July 2, 2007

Crouching Mama, Sleeping Baby

It's official.

I'm loony.


Desperate, perhaps.

Yesterday, while settling my precious young man-child to sleep in his crib, POP open his eyes went! I quickly dropped to all fours by the side of his crib thinking that maybe just maybe he wouldn't see me and would go back to sleep.

There on the floor I hovered, breathing as silently as I could and trying very hard not to shift my weight not even by an ounce lest the floor creak beneath me.

I felt like I was in a scene from Mission Impossible. I heard the theme music in my head as stealthily I remained in my crouched down pose.

Crouching Mama, Sleeping Baby.

It was yet another episode of Baby Recon. I find myself doing this frequently.

Breathlessly I remained, awaiting the telltale sign of a sleeping baby: silence in the room. As I heard his tiny body settle in amongst the crib linens, I let out a slow, long, breath. Sleep had come.

I didn't dare stand up and risk awaking the small babe. I crawled across the room, down on my hands and knees, and gingerly pressed the "on" button on the baby monitor. Once safely outside the nursery, I slowly stood up and pulled the door shut.

Oh, sweet relief.


Awesome Mom said...

Hahah been there done that.

I knew about the pre duplo legos. We got Harry a set for his first birthday and he loves them. They do not stick together very well but that is part of why they are so good for the younger builders.

Changed by His Love said...

HA HA HA!!! Oh how I remember those days...we had wood floors, so every bit of that house shook. I miss those days at times. :)

Anne/kq said...

I have SO done that. :D

Damselfly said...

LOL! I've done that too!

nettie said...

...and this is new? ")

Joo said...

This made me laugh so hard as it's such a familiar scene. Especially at dusk when I have to hide not just my body, but my shadow...