Friday, November 2, 2007

I Need Me Some Z's

First of all, noisy upstairs neighbors kept me from falling asleep. I went outside to my balcony, yelled at them, and they were finally somewhat quiet.

Then, Snoring Husband kept me from falling asleep, so I went out to the couch.

It got hot in the living room, so I stumbled back into our room.

I finally fall into a comfortable sleep.

An hour later, Lance wakes up screaming.

And here I am.


kelli said...

Oh yuck. Hope you get a nap today while Lance is sleeping!

My blog is down for awhile- I'll let you know when it's back!

Damselfly said...


Haley said...

I absolutely feel your pain.....really really I do. :-)

Hope you got some ZZZ's

Susan said...

Oh the joy of apartment/condo living. I hope you've had some rest this weekend.