Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Words!!!

I'm so excited. Lance has uttered his first real words!

He had been saying "mama" and "Daddy" and a variation of "Wow" for awhile, but now he can say "baby" and "up." It's the cutest thing ever!!

We were having lunch and I had the television on the discovery channel. There was something about penguins on, and they showed the baby penguin hatching from its egg. I said, "Look Lance, there's a baby penguin!" He looked at me, then at the TV, pointed at it and said, "Baby!" Melt my heart!

Later that same day, he wanted to be picked up. I was standing in the living room doing some walking-in-place exercises and he came right up to me, lifted his arms in the air and said, "Up!"

I'm just a puddle of besotted Mommy right now. Sigh.


Beck said...

This is the beginning of SO much fun - I LOVE the early speaking phase!

Susan said...

Oh this is so exciting!! He's going to be so much fun this Christmas.