Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Official.

It's Official.

The application has been submitted.

Childcare has been confirmed.

I WILL be returning to school this fall!!! In December, I will finally, finally, have my bachelor's degree in elementary education.

Such a weight off my shoulders. All this time being one semester away from graduating. So close, yet so far. When looking for a part-time job earlier last year, my lack of a degree was a significant hindrance. No matter that the coursework had been completed. No matter that the state's certification tests had been passed.

I didn't have the piece of paper from a university that said I was qualified to be a teacher, so nobody thought I was.

I'll show them.



Damselfly said...

Look out, world, another educated educator is joining the ranks!

Haley said...

Congrats to you! :-)

Oh, and about the scrapbooking thing, I either wait till he's in bed, or napping, or watching Baby is a god send, I'm serious!

Sometimes he's just really good, and I can do it while he;s in his swing or playgym, or just depends on his temperament.

Susan said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray!! I know you'll be a great asset to our profession (with or without the piece of paper)!! Glad to know it's going to happen. You'll feel so much better to know it's done and your doors will open wide.



Beck said...

Good work, you! I'm proud of you.