Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Description of My Day

Hellloooooo, blog friends!! How ARE you all?? I miss you!

Here is a detailed description of my day yesterday:

6:15 am: Wake up
7:00 am: Leave for work.
7:20 am: Arrive at work. Teach all day. 30 minute "planning break" HA! 25 minute lunch break? Sure, shovel your food down and run.
4:00pm: Arrive home
4:00-4:30: a little downtime
4:30-7:00: housework, play with Kiddo, get dinner ready
7:30pm: get on the computer to write lesson plans and do other silly monotonous work they make interns (but not real teachers!!) do
10:30pm stop working
10:30-10:50: eat the dinner I cooked at 5. Watch 20 minutes of TV. Ready to sit and relax for awhile, but no, because it's now...
11:00: bed

Sleep for 7 hours and begin again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This is why I have not been able to blog.

But I have so much to tell you!

Maybe, maybe, one of these days I'll have some spare time.


Jessica said...

Yeah, I'm exhausted reading your schedule. Keep up the hard work! I'm sure you are doing great!

Damselfly said...

Draining. Your day sounds really draining. I know you can do it, though. Go, G! Go, G! Go, G!

Haley said...

Gosh! I'm tired too...but at least we get to meet each other next week!

Anne/kq said...

Hmmm, that sounds... busy. :p ;) :x

Erin said...

I hear ya! Teachers need hour lunch breaks!

White Hot Magik said...

OH vey, only one semester like this right? Or do you have do a whole year?

the dragonfly said...

Wow...busy busy! Just remember to breathe, even if there isn't room for it on the schedule. ;)

Robin said...

I miss you! Can't believe how much things have changed... I hope you are enjoying the job though :) Yes, we should be here for TG... we'll figure something out. Hang in there, rest when you can!

Susan said...

Yep you can do it. Hang in there. I am having a horrible time "getting into" my school year this year. This is really out of character for me as I totally LOVE the job most of the time. It's just requiring more than ever! I'd love to send you my literacy center book if you'd like to have it. Just message me and let me know. I'd love to hear your perspective of it as an intern teacher.



Amber said...

I am staging a blog intervention. COME BACK NOW!!!!