Monday, November 24, 2008

From Lance

Hi everyone! It's me, Lance, writing to you today. Mom says she'll be shocked if any of you are still around reading her blog. But I told her that you all loved her and would still come! Anyway, here's a picture of me sitting at Mom's piano. Mom likes to sit down and practice songs, but I think it's way more fun to just bang away, so whenever she sits down, I come up to her and say, "MOVE! MY TURN!" Most of the time she lets me, but she didn't today cuz she's working on a song to play at church in a couple of weeks.

She has one more day of her internship!! She's actually supposed to be there today, but I'm running a little bit of a fever so she didn't want to take me to preschool. I'm much better than I was on the weekend, though. I was running a fever of 101.7!!! Today it was much, much, lower and she expects me to be all better by tomorrow, which is good, cuz we're driving up to Grandma and Grandpa's house tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I'm going to meet my other Grandma from South Africa, too! She's going to come stay with us until Christmas. It's her first time in the USA and Mommy is kinda nervous. Mommy has a lot to do to get the house ready for her, so she says I have to get off the computer now so she can start getting us packed for her trip.

Oh, by the way, do you like my hat? It lights up.


kelli said...

Lance, HI! Will this be your first time to meet your South African grandma? I bet she is so excited to see you!!

Erin said...

YAY, one more day!
Poor Lance, I hope you feel better.

Haley said...

Hi Lance! I love your hat and I hope you feel better really soon!

Heather said...

Well done Lance. Your hat is rockin'. Glad your mom is almost done with her internship. I know she was missing you.

Jessica said...

Hey Lance, tell Mommy that we are all still here and glad to see you today! I hope you both have a great Thanksgiving and a great time visiting with all the grandparents!

Susan said...'re getting SO BIG! I love this picture. Tell your Mommy a BIG HOORAY for finishing her internship!

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday.



Robin said...

Hey Lance, good to hear from you :) I hope you were better in time for Disney!