Sunday, November 16, 2008



*edited to add: Thanks to those of you who offered to paticipate in my "Where in the USA Has Our Email Gone" project. I ran out of time, so the project never got off the ground. Please don't think I was rejecting your geographical contribution! I truly appreciate everyone's willingness to help!

7 days left of my internship.

Then it's off for Thanksgiving with my family, and a few day's vacation at Disneyworld!

Then it's time to look for a job.

Then it'll be Christmas.

Then I'll *hopefully* be working.

I have some recent photos of Kiddo that I'll be uploading soon. Since there's not much interesting stuff going on with me, he's always a good subject! Stay tuned.


Haley said...

I'm super excited to see your new photos! Hope ya'll have fun at Disney!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

He truly is a great subject!

Anne/kq said...

Disneyworld... I've always wanted to go. Alas, we live so close to Disneyland we really have no excuse to go all that way just for Disneyworld. :(

I wanna see pics! Yay!