Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Name My Blog

I'm getting bored with the name of my blog. I need something better. So I'm having a contest.

The Name My Blog! Contest.


In the comments, leave suggestions for a new name for this blog.

If I find one I like, I'll pick it.

And your prize?

Bragging rights.

Sorry, but it's close to Christmas and I have a little boy to shop for.


Sheila @ Dr said...

Meadow's View

Peaceful Meadow

Guin's Meadow

(I like meadow and Guin and I would play off of that)

Heather said...

The View From The Meadow?

Robin said...

Guinevere Meadow's Camelot

Guinevere's Royal Court

Guinevere's Round Table

notes from the tower of london

Damselfly said...

How about a phrase you say a lot to Lance?

Amber said...

I think you need to expound a bit more. Do you even want to keep the Guinevere theme or ditch it all together!!!??

White Hot Magik said...

Guinevere and Lance a Lot.