Sunday, December 28, 2008

On Christmas

Well, hey there! How are you?

What a whirlwind Christmas it's been. I don't know about you, but this year I felt pretty Scrooge-y. I didn't get excited about Christmas like I usually do. I didn't play Christmas music 24-7. I didn't shop very cheerfully. I didn't take the time to wrap the gifts that I *did* buy with extra-special care, putting pretty ribbons and bows on each gift. Just paper. Sometimes I even left off a tag, just writing directly on the wrapping paper.

But you know what I did? I thought lovingly of each person as I hurriedly wrapped their gift. When I listened to Christmas music, I listened with my whole heart. While it was a drag to try and get cookies baked for everyone, as I personalized each cookie with someone's initials, I thought of them and how my year was better because of them.

So what if my Christmas tree was smaller than usual.

So what if my gift wrapping was sloppy.

It's been a tough year for almost everyone. Rather than be sad that I couldn't buy my son every toy I wanted to get him, I can rejoice that in this uncertain economy, my husband not only kept his job, but he got a Christmas bonus. And I found a job that I'll be starting in January.

People everywhere are losing their homes. We're not.

We don't go out to eat as often as we used to, but we have enough money to buy groceries to prepare delicious meals at home.

So while my Christmas wasn't as glittery and magical as it is in my childhood memories, I can honestly say to you,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Brent Ozar said...

We had so many of the same experiences this year! Judging by the retail sales numbers, you certainly weren't alone. To console yourself, think back to your childhood and try to remember which years were the best. Odds are you can't remember which years you had more or less presents! The ones I remember the most are the ones where I had relatives around - that mattered more than anything else.

Love ya, and happy holidays!

Amber said...

Sometimes it's the simplest things that have the most meaning. We didn't give or receive much this Christmas but I was reminded that is not what it's all about anyway.

Merry Christmas!

chelle said...

I was less in the spirit too. Overwhelmed and tired really. There is a part of me that is just glad it is over.

Happy Holidays to you and congrats on the job!

Awesome Mom said...

I think that a lot of people were a bit low on Christmas spirit this year. I am glad that you managed to have a fun holiday despite that.

Heather said...

We were fortunate to have some help in the cash department from my in-laws so we didn't have to do without much, in fact we didn't really do without anything. We were very lucky. I still felt very rushed with my time though so I'm looking forward to things slowing down a little now.

Angela said...

You said it better than I ever could. I think our Christmas and Christmas season are the same. Aaron's job is secure and he got two raises this year! I am still looking for at home work though. Our Christmas was probably our best yet and that's not because of the number of presents we got either.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you do have a Happy New Year.

Damselfly said...

Sounds like a merry Christmas indeed.