Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My House is Haunted

But not really. I just get startled sometimes. Here's why.

Our computer is in the back bedroom of our house. There is a mirror on the wall directly opposite the door. Across the hallway from the bedroom door is the door to the bathroom. The light from the bedroom hits the mirror, which goes out into the hallway, and reflects off the bathroom door.

The bathroom door is in my peripheral vision when I am sitting at the computer. If my head is turned at just the right angle, I see this mysterious light in the hallway which sometimes appears to move.

Then I look up, startled, and realize it's just the light bouncing off the mirror into the hallway.

Then I laugh at myself for being ridiculous.

There is no ghost in my house.

There IS, however, a leprechaun who lives on the top of my refrigerator, where I keep the bread, and throws the loaves of bread down at me when I open the fridge door. This leprechaun has followed me to four different houses now. A bread-throwing leprechaun. Yes.


Heather said...

Dang leprechauns.

Damselfly said...

Hmm. Wonder if that's the same leprechaun who throws cereal boxes on me.

As a teenager, I freaked out, sort of, one day in my room when I looked up and saw this apparition. It was a perfect alien-like face created by the light reflecting off the top of a large lacquered box I had. Weird.

Awesome Mom said...

If you eve figure out how to get rid of them let me know! My house seems to be infested with them.

chelle said...

hehe leprechauns keep stealing our socks!

I would have to move the computer, my imagination would drive me crazy!

Haley said...

LOL! Maybe you should find a new home for the bread...then the leprechaun might leave you alone :-)