Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No singing, Mommy!

I've told you once or twice that I am in a rock band.

I sing in this rock band, and occasionally play the keyboard.

I love singing. I sing every chance I get. In the shower, making breakfast, (no I don't make breakfast while in the shower. Pay attention to the commas!) in the car, everywhere.

Even while listening to Kiddo's music. He loves a particular Veggie Tales CD that I keep in the car just for him. He calls it "Bob and Larry Songs." He asks for "Bob and Larry Songs" every time we get in the car.

(I'm sick and tired of these Bob and Larry songs now. I think I need to go find some more kid-friendly music.)

Anyhoo. I was singing along with Bob and Larry, and so was Kiddo.

Then, in between a verse and a chorus of "Who Built The Ark?" I heard a tiny voice from the backseat.

"No singing, Mommy."


Awesome Mom said...

I am not much of a singer but Harry flips out when I sing so it is kinda funny to sing songs for Evan (who likes them) just to get a reaction from Harry.

chelle said...

hehe poor mommy!

We have been listening to books on cd ... simple ones like Skippyjon Jones and the Tinkerbell series. Both kids love it.

Jessica said...

Hoss has recently started telling me not to sing and even puts his hand over my mouth. :) Then sometimes he says, "I want Mommy sing it." So I have to wait for permission! :)

Susan said...

You gotta love it when they want to do it alone!! You have a musician in the making there! I love the Red Grammar CD's. I don't know if they are still available for kids, but I'll bet he'd like them...and my kids also loved Rob Evans, The Donut Man. Very fun.



Damselfly said...

No! Singing! Hmpf.

He probably just wants to hear himself, I suppose....

My word verification is "income!"

Heather said...

Snort! I get that too. Darn kids sometimes.