Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Let the Nesting Begin!

It's official. I've hit the milestone. The countdown to The Big Day has begun.

I have begun nesting. There's only so much I can do in the nursery itself, as the baby showers have yet to happen, but little by little, piece by piece, things are coming together. I've sorted through all the things I've been given from friends with older children and bits and pieces I've picked up at yard sales. I've washed the fabric covers for the bouncy seat and swing, and also washed the bassinet sheets.

I've been scouring eBay for products I still need. I received my first order of Bumkins cloth diapers, and I giggled like a little girl opening a Christmas present. Over diapers. Something that is going to be filled with human feces, and I was thrilled by the very idea!

I look around the house and see all these projects that need to be done before young Lancelot arrives: we need to replace the drawer pulls on the dresser and fix the drawer that doesn't want to slide out, we need to build some shelves in the laundry room to double as a pantry so I can use the hall closet for all the stuff that's currently filling up the nursery, (thanks to the geniuses who designed this apartment complex-- there's plenty of closet space, but unfortunately none are convenient to the kitchen to serve as a pantry. Right now, one set of cabinets and a section of countertop is being used for the pantry, as are two shelves in the hall closet, which is nowhere near the kitchen. Argh.) all the empty boxes from our recent move need to be taken to the dumpster instead of staying piled up in the corner, and we need to figure out where on earth to display DH's collection of lego stuff- he's got a pirate ship, a ferrari, and tons of Star Wars stuff that he's built, and it's all sitting in cardboard boxes...in the nursery.

The baby clothes that I do have need to be washed and folded and placed in the dresser which is in the garage, waiting for new drawer pulls and a repaired drawer, which we can't bring upstairs until we clear out all the stuff that's currently in the nursery, which can't be moved until I make space in the hall closet because it's doubling as a pantry, which can't be emptied until the new shelves are built in the laundry room (which IS close to the kitchen). Oy. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

I'm envious of these moms who have everything together. They have their nursery ready by the beginning of the third trimester, their freezers are full of casseroles and other delectable goodies that can be re-heated so mom doesn't have to cook right away after the baby arrives, everything the baby needs has been purchased, cleaned, put away, and is ready for use.

On second thought, does anyone ACTUALLY do that? If any of you meet the above criteria, please teach me your secrets!!

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Damselfly said...

Hey, nice photo of your backyard....

And Lancelot, eh? Because it goes with Guinevere?

Don't worry about the casserole thing. Just buy an extra frozen dinner or two every week when you go food shopping, and you'll be set. ;)