Wednesday, October 4, 2006


I had a moment this morning.

There I was, standing in my closet, gazing upon my wardrobe choices for the day.

To my consternation, my eyes wandered off to the far left, which is where my non-maternity clothes are lying in waiting. Today they started taunting me.

"You can't wear me today!!" "There's NO WAY I'll fit over that huge belly of yours!" "You only WISH I still fit you! HA!" "It'll be MONTHS after you have the baby before you'll ever wear ME again!"

My eyes brimmed over with tears. How could my old friends tease me like this? Because that's how I think of them. They're my old friends. I miss them terribly. I look at them with longing, promising them that it won't be long before we're sharing our days together again, and now they turn on me like this! It's horrible. Such betrayal.

I think I'll burn all of them and start over. That'll teach 'em.

1 comment:

gingajoy said...

yeah, but you know you;re in bad shape when it's the *maternity* clothes taunting you like that!

looks like you and I are expecting at around the same time--good luck!