Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bragging About My Son

Here is a list of things that Lance can now do that make me very proud of him:

1. He can draw a picture! We bought him those new crayons that look like an egg so the kid can wrap their whole hand around it. While he enjoys eating the tip of the crayon, he also likes drawing pictures. I've written the date on the first picture he drew and I will save it forever.

2. He misses me when I'm gone!! Lance never exhibited any kind of separation anxiety, which while on one hand I am very grateful, I couldn't help but wonder why he was not upset that I was leaving. Now, when I go to pick him up from the church nursery or a babysitter, he drops when he was doing, runs over to me, throws his arms around my head and gives me a big hug! It's the sweetest thing.

3. He can point to various body parts. He can show you his nose, his ears, his mouth, his tummy, and his head. Oh, and when he shows you his mouth, he opens wide and says "Ahhhhh" a la dentist visit.

4. He can get himself up and down the stairs with minimal assistance! This is important because we live on the second floor, and it was getting very hard to try to carry him in one arm and the diaper bag and my purse and anything else that needed transporting in the other. Getting up the stairs after a grocery shopping trip was particularly anxiety-ridden. He still needs to hold my hand, and it takes forever, but he can manage the stairs now. Yippee!

5. He likes curry. I was shocked. Hubby made a South African dinner for us a few nights ago, a dish called "bobotie" which is heavily seasoned. We gave a little bit to Lance to try, and he gobbled the stuff up! Go figure. (He won't touch plain old potatoes. The kid likes his food to have flavor!)

This photo was not from the curry dish. This was from lunch today, some left over pasta and meat sauce. My little spaghetti-face!

I am so proud of my little boy. *smug grin*


Awesome Mom said...

Very cute pictures!!

the dragonfly said...

Aww, that's all so great!

Feel free to brag...that's what Moms are for...among other things. :)

Damselfly said...

I'm proud of him, too!

Jessica said...

Brag away! He is the cutest thing in the world!!!

Beck said...

He is obviously a super genius. An incredibly cute super genius.

Anne/kq said...

What a cutie!

When Ems was 9 months old she DEMANDED some of our heavily-spiced lentils and rice one night. I gave in and she ate a whole bowl! She amazed my friends at 13 months by going to eat with us at an Indian place and eating better than some of the adults (who were turning red from the heat!)

And uuuuugh on the stairs; I remember trying to haul baby, stroller, bags, purse, etc. up the stairs! I usually made 2 or 3 trips! I'm soooo glad we live in a place with an elevator now (it does have stairs that we use for convenience sometimes, since they're quicker, but we don't have to use them.)

Mamacita Tina said...

Spaghetti faces are the best! He's just so darn cute!

That going-up-the-stairs-by-themselves feat is awesome, makes things much easier for us moms.

Amber said...

Squeal - he's such a doll! And good for you giving him more than just that Gerber crap. I don't tell you how much I've been criticized for that (my little guy loves curry as well!)

Haley said...

Lance looks so sweet in your photos! And feel free to brag...what else are moms supposed to talk about? Scrubbing the floors and our ant epidemics? (LOL, oh wait......)