Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Poor Lance. He's working on four teeth. Simultaneously. Along with the pain, he also suffers from a runny nose while teething. I don't know why this is, but every time a tooth is about to poke through, the kid turns into a faucet.

On the brighter side, once he gets a few more teeth, I can start giving him more and more real food. I'm sure his digestive system is ready for him to eat more than he does, he just doesn't have the teeth for it! Although his gums are awfully strong!

Gotta run. Having guests over in a little while. Have a lovely day!


Jessica said...

Just wait for the 2 year molars. Those are the best! :) Good Luck with the teething months.

Susan said...

I always thought it was so funny when the doctor said teething didn't cause the runny nose...and each and every time I'd want to ask, "Well, then what does???"

Hope he's doing better.



the dragonfly said...

My Little Mister is working on his top two teeth right now. Ahh, the joys...

Don Mills Diva said...

My little guy's nose ran constantly when he was teething too - this too shall pass.