Friday, April 11, 2008

Of Drop Cloths and Good Intentions

New house. New carpet. New owners=new paint jobs.

Paint jobs= drop cloths, painter's tape, levels and pencils (for marking off tape lines to create a cute little paint effect a la "Trading Spaces")

Ladders, trays, rollers, brushes...

Drop cloths.


Big blue spot on new carpet in new house.

Painter's tape + popcorn ceiling = tape falling down around me the moment I step off the ladder. 20 minutes of my life wasted.


Completely useless? No, I suppose I burned a few extra calories going up and down and up and down that stupid ladder.

Fallen tape?

Big blue spots on popcorn ceiling.


It's too bad nobody had a hidden camera in there. I could have won a lot of money on America's Funniest Home Videos.


Amber said...

UGGGGGGH. Way to look on the positive side with calories burned. :-)

Did I mention that when we moved into our house I was eight months pregnant and accidently knocked over a gallon of red paint all over our brand-new carpet.

That sure was fun!

Michelle in Mx said...

OH - bless you! I've never taken on painting a room, and sometimes I get the nerve, and then *poof* I lose it!
OH, and see now I'm loving that you picked up on the veggie tale song . . . we owned the sign along set for quite awhile until they were so scrattched up that nothing played anymore. So OF COURSE I know the Homophones song!
Gotta love your veggies!

Michelle in Mx said...

Here's me working with the deaf coming through . . of course I ment the "sing along set" but my hand are so used to writing "sign" . . .
Sing along
although a "sign along" would be nice . . .

Haley said...

Gosh have I been there! I hope you are able to get the paint out of the carpet!

Damselfly said...

I didn't see anything.

As you said, there's no video, so there's no proof.

Gerbil said...

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate painting. Hate it, hate it.

Christina said...

The more you try to protect something from paint, the more paint you're going to spill on it. They write that on paint cans, you just have to look really closely to read it.

Mamacita Tina said...

I know the feeling. Drop clothes couldn't save us from paint spots on the carpets either.