Friday, April 4, 2008

Run, Lance, RUN!!!

Last night we attended the Mercedez-Benz Corporate 5K Run. Hubby and I were "support staff" for the runners-- he manned the food table, I took a few pictures and recorded everyone's time. We brought Lance along with us-- the race site was in a lovely park in downtown Ft. Lauderdale along the Intracoastal Waterway. I knew Lance would enjoy seeing all the big yachts going by.

Here is a picture of Lance and I sitting comfortably under our team's tent. Yes, he has a monkey on his back. (I just love baby leashes! It was nice to be able to let him down and walk around without being afraid that someone would snatch him or that he would wander away from me. For the most part, he stuck close to us, but he liked seeing new people and exploring the park, too!)

There was a little stage area where a DJ was set up. Lance likes to dance to music, so I took him up onto the stage during "I Will Survive" and he was a little dancing fool. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it, but it was just too cute!


Awesome Mom said...

Cute picture!! I think a leash is much better than having to keep him in a stroller the whole time.

Rebecca :-) said...

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Mamacita Tina said...

Sounds like a great day! Sometimes we have to miss out on picture opportunities to live in the moment.

I love baby leashes too. With Laurel, I always worry about her running into traffic, whether it be cars or other people.

Gerbil said...

hey I am all about the leash. much better than a lost kid or heaven forbid, one that dashes into traffic.

Susan said... very sweet.

I used to love it when the boys danced to music when they were little. Shoot, I STILL love it now that they are TEENS!!

:-) Susan

Haley said...

Glad ya'll had fun! Cute photo!

Amber said...

I just knew he was meant for the stage. :-)

And even though I don't have one, I am alllllll for those monkey packs!

Damselfly said...

Lance *is* a dancing fool! I can vouch for that!