Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday I wrote about a troubling situation that occurred in our church nursery. Today, one of our pastors came to our weekly mom's group meeting and we discussed in detail the facts of what actually happened.

I am happy to report that much of the story that I heard and shared with you was blown way out of proportion. While I disagree with the church's decision not to inform us sooner, I also understand that they didn't want to cause a panic over something that really wasn't as big of a deal as it has been perceived. (I know there are some who will disagree with me about that last statement.) There were also some legal considerations they had to deal with.

The church has taken steps to ensure that things like this will not happen again.

Unfortunately, stereotypes, racism, and sexism are alive and well in our society and even in our churches. Those issues combined with a specific situation caused fear, panic, and anxiety. Some people have chosen to leave the church as a result of misinformation regarding this situation.

I believe that Lance is as safe as he can be in the nursery, and is cared for by people who truly care about him. While it's true that at any time something tragic can occur, I will not allow myself to live in fear of what might happen. If I did that, I would never step outside of my own front door.

I am, however, going to write a letter to the proper administration informing them of my displeasure in the way the situation was handled. They waited way too long to inform the parents of what happened, and action was not taken soon enough to rectify the problem.


Haley said...

Gosh, how frightening to go through all this. I'm glad things have been resolved and that you feel comfortable again. :-)

Damselfly said...

I think writing a letter is an excellent idea.

Crazy, crazy stuff going on....

Gerbil said...

Good heavens. I don't even know what to say.

Michelle in Mx said...


Mamacita Tina said...

Scary. When unfortunately events happen, getting information out to all involved in a timely manner is important. Letter writing may help bring that to someone's attention.