Monday, August 4, 2008

His First Scraped Knee

My little boy got his first scraped knee today. Well, it's more of a scraped shin than a knee. We were in the front yard playing and he tripped over the brick edging separating the grass from the flower bed. He has a 3-inch long diagonal scratch. It's the first time he's bled!

The little trooper! As soon as I picked him up, he just wanted to start playing again but I knew I needed to administer first aid. He was more scared of the band-aids than he was of his fall, the poor thing! It took 3 band-aids to cover the entire area. In hindsight, I would have been better off taping a large piece of gauze to his leg. I will probably do that when it's time to change the bandages. The little guy squirmed and wiggled and I had to hold him down in order to get the band-aids on, which just made him scream more.

Then I let him sit on the couch, eat a popsicle, watch his favorite movie ("Finding Nemo") and then I gave him some chocolate milk, and a little while after that I put him down for a nap. He's been asleep for almost two hours now.
The poor little guy! I'm sure he'll recover quickly. I need him to recover quickly, because my dear friend Ivy and I have planned "The Week of Fun" for my last week of being a stay-at-home mom. A week from today I begin my teaching internship, so every day this week we are going to take our kids out to do something fun. We haven't settled on an itinerary yet, but items on the list to be considered include:
-watching the airplanes from the observation area at the airport
-going to the beach
-exploring a new park Ivy found
-going to the zoo
-some super-secret surprise things that Ivy wants to show us!
So since I will be having The Week of Fun, I might not be around the blogosphere quite as much this week. I only have a little time left with my little boy, and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.


Erin said...

I'm amazed that he's made it this long without a scraped knee! Luke has inherited my clumsiness and scrapes his knees on a weekly basis.;)
How sweet of your friend Ivy to do a week of fun with you. I so wish I had more mommy friends.

Jessica said...

Poor Lance! Hoss has had several scrapes. He is quite a clutz and thinks he can just walk over anything. Have fun this week! :)

Haley said...

I feel bad for little Lance. Hope you guys enjoy your week of fun!

Susan said...

Awww the first one's always the hardest...especially for the "Mommy"! I remember when my boys fell in love with bandaids and applied them like stickers on EVERYTHING. It won't be long. It won't be long.

:-) Susan

Heather said...

We need to own stock in Band-Aid around here. My kids want a Band-Aid for every little scrape.

My son is nicknamed "accident-prone man jr." for a reason.

Dr. Cason said...

His first?

I'm amazed he made it this long as well and given how much goodies he got following I bet he'll start falling down on purpose! :)

Robin said...

My baby! I can imagine how hard that was - for YOU! Sounds like he recovered quickly though - I guess I would too if I got a popsicle and chocolate milk - or maybe some cheesecake :)
Have fun on your outings this week!