Monday, March 12, 2007

A Beautiful Day for a Boatride

Sunday was just gorgeous.

A perfect day.

Blue skies, not too hot, not too humid.

Our friend has a boat.

This friend hadn't taken his boat out in several months.

We remedied that on Sunday.

At first, Lancelot didn't care to wear his little life jacket. It swallowed him up, and he looked a bit like the Michelin Man. He got used to it after awhile, and was fine.

We boated up and down our little section of the Intracoastal Waterway, just inside the eastern coast of Florida. (That's where all the millionaires and billionaires have their mansions where they don't actually live...) It was such a gorgeous day, that I think pretty much everyone who owned a boat or knew someone who owned a boat was out on their boats that day. See, pretty soon here in Florida it will get ridiculously hot. Then only people who are vacationing in Florida even dare to go outside. The locals very smartly stay in the air conditioning, where we won't shrivel up and/or melt.

Here's actually a picture of me with my son. Since I usually do the picture taking, there is an unfair ratio of pictures with Dad to pictures with Mom. I just whip out the camera and take a picture whenever the whim strikes me, but I must instruct my husband when I want a photograph with me in it. If only husbands could read our minds. Sigh.


Damselfly said...

I'm so jealous! Note the friend with the boat didn't invite *me*....

The Lady of Chalot said...

Were you in the boat when the boat tipped over?