Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On What I Should Be Doing Right Now

I should be cooking dinner, but I'm blogging.

I should be straightening up the house for our company arriving in the morning, but I'm blogging.

I should be washing out Lancelot's bottles so I can fill them and have enough for the night, but I'm blogging.

I should go settle Lancelot down because he's whimpering in his crib (I think the bear mobile probably stopped,) but I'm blogging.

(I was right. The bear mobile stopped. I turned it back on. Now I'll have at least 5 more minutes of quiet, and hopefully he'll fall asleep for his evening nap.)

I should call up my friend who lives in Tampa that I haven't seen since October, but I'm blogging.

I should call my grandmother. Her little cat passed away last night, but I'm blogging.

I have too much else to do to be sitting at the computer blogging. When I arrive at the Pearly Gates and my life is examined, I don't want this current hour burnt away as wheat and chaff.

Have a lovely evening, everyone. I have some important things to do with my time which will make a more lasting impression than blogging.

Not that blogging doesn't matter. It's fabulous.

But I have a grandmother to call, a meal to prepare for my family, and a home to make ready for a guest.

Those things win.

See you later!


Susan said...

What a GREAT reminder that we ALL need to prioritize and that "Blogging" doesn't come anywhere NEAR the top of the list!!

Blessings to you...and thanks for stopping by!! I know what you mean about moving around...and getting to make lots of friends. Instead of me moving, my friends moved in and out around me...

:-) Susan

eph2810 said...

You are too funny ...Thankful my guys would like Chinese take-out tonight, so I can blog early and can read after dinner :)...

Have a blessed evening.

Anne/kq said...

Hee, hee, blogging rules. Who cares about feeding your family? :p

Damselfly said...

Are you, um, reading my mind?