Thursday, March 8, 2007

Omnipotent Baby

I know all.

I see all.

I will use my knowledge against you.

When you are sitting down to enjoy your lunch, I will wake up from my nap screaming.

When you finally manage to sit down at the computer and catch up on some blogs, I will wake up from my nap screaming.

After you finish the laundry, do the dishes, and return phone calls and think you have a few minutes to crash on the couch and take a breather, I will wake up from my nap screaming.

When you are ready to go out the door to meet Damselfly at the mall, I'll fill up my diaper.

When you are halfway through your shower and you've just applied shampoo to your head, I will begin shrieking from my bouncy chair, causing you to leap out of the shower in utter fear of my discomfort.

When you want to take me for a walk in the stroller, I'll decide I don't like the stroller anymore, but only once you're twenty minutes away from the house and can't do anything about it until we get back home.

And when you sit down to feed me, I'll gaze into your eyes and make that little cooing sound you find so adorable, and your heart will melt.

And you'll forgive me for waking up from my nap screaming.


Damselfly said...

Just, whatever you do, don't look into his eyes! ;)

Darlene said...

That kid is too smart. I love the way that you wrote that, it's hilarious!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Damselfly-- hehe, remember what happened to us both the last time we looked into a baby's eyes??!! LOL!

Susan said...

This is a GREAT post!! And 100% true!! Wicked is showing in Tampa this weekend...other side of the state from you...if you EVER get the chance to see it...DO! It's phenomenal!!

:-) Susan

Mamacita Tina said...

The look and cooing saves them all!

kimmy said...

well i will ask my husband when he gets home.. six days.. ahhh can't wait.. miss him lot... thanks for stopping by.. i am use to wearing flip flops but i don't have any rite now.. thanks again...i'll have to get some...


Anne/kq said...

I love that "old soul" look. My girls have both had it but my first in particular. I've been told I had it, too. You're lucky-- not all babies get it.

Cmommy said...

Beautiful baby!!!! A great post!

Thanks for visiting me on Party Day~~I'll be back to visit you on your adventure through mommyhood :-)
Cmommy (singalullaby.typepad)


So so funny. After all these years I forgot how all-powerful babies can be! So cute. I love your blog!