Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Need A Clone

Of myself, that is.

Lancelot is napping. Yay! Now I simply have to make a selection from many activities with which to occupy myself for the next 45 minutes to an hour.

I can shower and get dressed, or I can sleep.
I can eat breakfast, or I can sleep.
I can run the vacuum cleaner, or I can sleep.
I can pull out the meat to thaw for tonight's dinner, or I can sleep.
I can wash dishes, or I can sleep.
I can file a huge stack of papers, or I can sleep.
I can fill out paperwork for my new job, or I can sleep.
I can practice music for this week's church service, or I can sleep.
I can blog, or I can sleep.

So many things to do.

What, oh what, shall I choose?

I think this time, I will select showering, getting dressed, and breakfast, because I have to be somewhere at 10. Otherwise I would probably sleep.

That pile of papers has been waiting to be moved to the top of my priority list for 6 months. I've set up a nice filing system, I just need to get the darned things in the files!! Now that Lancelot can sit up by himself, maybe I'll bring his play yard in here with some toys while I work on filing. Hm. That's not a bad idea. Cool. Isn't it neat how ideas come to you while typing??


Awesome Mom said...

Generally sleep is my default too.

Amber said...

Sleep! I vote sleep. Believe me when you have two kids, that will be the option you always choose!

Haley said...

Sleep is so precious, I love it a little too much, and trying to get as much as I can now, because I know when baby Jackson arrives there will be alot less of it to go around! :-)

Damselfly said...

Have you checked with Clones R Us?

Sitting up was such a huge milestone for us with Fly.

Your next step is to request some extra arms.