Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sweet, Blissful, Freedom



3 solid hours of peace and quiet to do with whatever I like.

I'm being a naughty girl and skipping out on my weekly bible study group this evening in exchange for sweet freedom. I'm not normally this desperate for me-time, but this has been an unusual week. Between hubby being sick the whole week long and my babysitter being on vacation, I haven't had a minute to myself!

I know. I'm spoiled. A babysitter twice a week so I can do whatever I want? A loving hubby who comes home from work and takes over for me? I'm a lucky gal.

This week was different. Hubby was home, but he was in bed, so it was me with Lancelot 24/7 this week. It's exhausting. I don't know how single mothers do it! (If any of you are single mothers, I greatly admire your stamina and patience!!)

So tonight, I asked Hubby if he would take Lancelot to our bible study and I would stay home. He did! I spent the evening working on my scrapbook, which I haven't touched for months! I think I did four two-page layouts. (Well, one of the two-page layouts had been done at a workshop a long time ago and all I did was add the photos!)

It was so nice. I just finished putting my supplies away, popped a frozen pizza in the oven, and started writing this post.

A perfect evening!

To top it off, after Hubby and Lancelot get home, I'll give the baby a bath and feed him, put him to bed, then get into my nice new cuddly-soft bathrobe and drink a glass of wine.



Amber said...

How WONDERFUL for you! My MIL used to take Haddie every Wednesday but stopped when Bode was born. How I suffered from the lack of ME time!

Anne/kq said...

I AM incredibly jealous of a babysitter twice a week.

But I can understand needing to get away once in a while.

I can't wait until Ems starts preschool twice a week, a few hours per week with only ONE kid will be heavenly!

Damselfly said...

Hey, how about dropping off Lancelot at the nursery for the Bible study but then not going to the Bible study and going to Starbucks instead? hee hee hee