Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge

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I found something wonderful! (Thanks, Susan!)

This is just what I need. During my pregnancy, I put on a lot of weight. About twice what the doctor wanted me to put on. As such, I'm having a hard time getting it off! So, Tales from the Scales is sponsoring a weight loss challenge. There's a weekly weigh-in and you can get fun buttons for your blog with every five pounds you lose! Fun stuff! So go have a look if you also want to get in on the fun.

As part of the deal, you are to post your weight loss goals and other health-related goals. Before joining this challenge, I have already made a few changes:

1. Eliminate liquid calories with the exception of milk and orange juice. No sugary sodas or "fruit drinks." Coke Zero, iced tea with splenda, and lots of water.

2. Switched to multi-grain bread. The only time I have white bread is if we are out at a restaurant and wheat bread is not an option.

3. Reduce pasta and potatos. This includes potato chips and french fries, which are two of my major weaknesses. However, now that I've started eating healthier foods, I crave these items less and less.

4. Increase fruits and veggies.

5. Daily walks with Lancelot in the stroller (weather permitting) and 3-4 visits to the gym per week. I do this when hubby gets home in the evening. This accomplishes several things: I get a "mommy-break," he gets some downtime and/or daddy/son time. If I time my trip to the gym with Lancelot's evening snooze, then it's really good for hubby. He doesn't get much downtime anymore, poor guy!

I will continue these things throughout the weight loss challenge. In addition, I plan on adding some hand-weight exercises and abdominal crunches on a daily basis. Those are easy to fit in. Put Lancelot in his jumperoo, and he thinks I'm entertaining him. lol! It only takes a few minutes to do some crunches and a few sets of weight exercises.

My total weight loss goal by the end of this challenge (which is sometime in September, by the way,) is 30 pounds. I will report to you weekly my gains/losses. If any of you would like to join me, good luck to you!


Damselfly said...

Lifting weights while baby is in the Jumperoo -- you are a genius!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I wish you the best!!!


nutmeg said...

Good luck! You know the saying - it takes ten months to put on the baby weight, give yourself at least that much to get it off!

Susan said...

I'm so glad you're jumping in!! I'm praying for you and yes, it will be better to do it together.


:-) Susan

John said...

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.