Friday, August 17, 2007

"A is for Antidisestablishmentarianism"

I have two friends with whom I communicate extensively via e-mail. On our most recent marathon e-mail conversation (you know, the kind that has 15 "re:" in the subject line, lol!) I received the following comment from friend Roo:

"I can just see it now, Guinevere, Lance will be 5 years old and you'll be teaching him his alphabet, and it'll be like, "R is for Rhombus."

I won't bore you with the details of how our conversation began as a discussion of where to go out for dinner and ended with unusual shape names, but I thought I'd take it all the way and have some fun.

So here you are. Here is the Alphabet for Advanced Children. (And yes, they are all real words.)

A is for Antidisestablishmentarianism.
B is for Baboonery.
C is for Catatonic.
D is for Diabolical.
E is for Existentialism.
F is for Fortuitous.
G is for Gargantuan.
H is for Hyperthyroidism.
I is for Infinitesimal.
J is for Juxtaposition.
K is for Kleptomaniac.
L is for Lasciviousness.
M is for Malevolent.
N is for Nefarious.
O is for Opulent.
P is for Paradigm.
Q is for Quandary.
R is for Rhombus.
S is for Sadistic.
T is for Tertiary.
U is for Umbillical.
V is for Vivacious.
W is for Whippoorwill.
X is for Xanthochromia (Yes it's a real word.)
Z is for Zanzibar.

Hmm. I hadn't realized that a good portion of my "big-word" vocabulary consisted of words with such negative connotations!! Sadistic. Nefarious. Lasciviousness. Malevolent. Diabolical. LOL! I wonder what a therapist would do with me. (Are you any of you therapists, perchance?)


Susan said... least they are FUN words to SAY!! Very good list!

:-) Susan

Mango Tango said...

Juxtaposition and paradigm are two of my very favorite words. Sister, I appreciate how your mind works!

Anne/kq said...

I love it! I sing my kids murder ballads, so I think you're good. ;)

Mamacita Tina said...

I totally believe in exposing kids, even babies to "big" vocabulary.

Some of your choices do crack me up, "umbillical" in addition to the negative ones.

Haley said...

Yay! As an english major I have to say I especially like your vocabulary list! :-)

kelli said...

And at least you've got fortuitous and opulent in there. :) What a fun list!

Damselfly said...

I can't wait until Lance's first day at school, when he calls his teacher a malevolent kleptomaniac with diabolical hyperthyroidism.