Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things That Lance Does Which Annoy Me Now But I Will Miss Later

I know that I only have a short amount of time with my baby before he turns into a "big boy" and then later, a man. So I try not to be annoyed at certain things, because while right now they may aggravate me to no end, I am sure that I will one day miss them. Here is the list of annoying things that I will *hopefully* miss.

1. Lance loves to take off his socks and then proceed to chew on them.

2. He finds it hilarious to try and roll over while I change his diaper.

3. When I lift him out of his crib after naps and in the morning, he pounds my chest with both of his hands (and he's strong! It hurts!), but then looks at me and smiles so sweetly so I have to forgive him.

4. He will not, and I mean will not sit still in the bathtub while I try to wash him.

Here is a list of things which he does now that I do not find annoying and will most certainly miss as he gets older.

1. The way he claps his hands when we cheer for him as he walks.

2. His long conversations with his stuffed Elmo and the way he talks to the characters on TV. He just babbles, babbles away in what sounds like Japanese.

3. How he imitates funny faces.

4. The way he buries his face in my shoulder when I pick him up out of his playpen after I take my shower and am wearing my snuggly soft bathrobe.

5. How he likes to "help" me turn out the lights as I leave rooms and guide the spoon into his mouth at feedings.

6. The way he gives "kisses" by throwing his arms around my face and pressing his mouth into my cheek.

7. The look of pure wonder on his face when he sees something new or exciting.

I could go on and on. I just wanted to get these down so that thirteen years down the road when I'm dealing with an angst-ridden adolescent I can remember these moments of unadulterated ecstasy and delight in my child.


Amber said...

You SHOULD go on and on! It's these precious little moments that you never think you'll forget...but you do. What a doll!

Susan said...

Oh yes, those will ALL be moments you miss one day. But they'll be replaced by new "moments".


:-) Susan

P.S. I'd LOVE to try and get together when you're in the area. You can email me from my blog.

Damselfly said...

Gasp! That's it! Lance is Japanese.

Fly does all of those first four things too.