Thursday, February 7, 2008

For the Love of Diapers

(Hey, I just noticed that I passed the "200 post" mark. I missed my 200th post!! This is the 202nd!! Go me!)

Back to our regularly scheduled posting...

Lance has decided that diapers are evil. He will not, can not, stay still for a diaper change. I beg. I plead. I offer distractions of toys that light up and sing. I sing. I jump around and make silly noises. I cajole. I bribe.

Doesn't work. He insists on rolling over the instant he hits the changing table. Or the bed. Or the floor. Or the couch. I have learned that a change of location is futile. The little guy is suprisingly strong, too! I used to be able to hold him down. (Gently, of course!) Now, I feel like I am exerting a tremendous amount of force in order to keep him still, and I am afraid that I may be hurting him. He screams and screams as though he's being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

I've learned to put a diaper on him while he's sitting up. It's not as neat and tidy, but at least it's on.

Has anyone else experienced this? Please tell me that it is just a phase. Perhaps he's ready to start potty training??? (Totally wishful thinking, here. He's only 14 months old.)



Beck said...

Have you tried changing him while he's standing up and possibly watching tv?
14 months is a bit young, I think, but there's no harm in sitting him on his potty.

kelli said...

If I remember correctly, 14 months was when I started smacking my child's bare bum to keep her still during changes. And hold her down really hard. And yup, she screamed and screamed too. I think it lasted a month? Something like that. Then she got tired of fighting me and it got easier.

Awesome Mom said...

Harry was bad about it, but you just have to insist that they lay down each and every diaper change. It is exhausting but they get it eventually and will lay down willingly. Harry likes to kick me though but I get him back by tickling his tummy.

Seriously though you just have to be firm especially at that age. You are not going to destroy him for life and turn him into a drug dealer if you insist that he lays down for a diaper change.

Jessica said...

Oh yes, we have and kinda still are struggling with this. Jake will mostly remain still for changing, but not all the time. I don't have much advise except to just keep doing the same routine and encourage him to lay still. Sometimes making it a game by tickling or something else helps us.

Oh, and happy 200th post! :)

the dragonfly said...

The Little Mister has always loved his diaper-change time, mostly because (other than night time) we talk and giggle and's just a special time. (I know, I'm weird.) But he's just 8 months old, I'm sure we'll hit this phase one day...

Susan said...

Yep they go through this. It's hard. You just have to stay consistent and firm. It'll end. I CAN tell you that I switched DS 4 to pull ups for this reason because it was a bit easier to teach him to stand up while I put the diaper on.

Hang in there.



Amber said...

I experienced this with both my kids. What finally worked was being firm and consistent. I gave them a toy reserved only for the changing table. If that didn't work, I lterally put my arm on them while I changed them with the other.

And your ski school dropout addition? BHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!