Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures in Toddlerhood

Last night at 11 pm, Kiddo came out of his room with a distressed look on his face and a strange white substance all over his hair and clothes.

He urgently cried out, "On the floor! On the floor!"

I went into his room, and very eloquently proclaimed, "Oh, s***." Hubby came in after me. This is what we saw. (If you can hang on to the end, it's VERY sweet! Just under 2 minutes.)

In other news, I have been taking Kiddo to a local attraction called "Butterfly World." The place is incredible. Supposedly one of the largest (if not THE largest) butterfly sanctuaries in the country. It's kinda pricey if you only go once, but I purchased an annual pass. (Once you go twice, it has paid for itself. It's been two weeks and I've gone twice. How's that for a bargain?) Anyhoo. Kiddo likes to go in and chase the butterflies, climb up onto the benches, and run across the bridges and go up and down the steps that lead through the garden. He also loves exploring the bug museum. His favorite part however, is the snack bar at the end where he can get a popsicle. (And Mommy can get an iced coffee!) They also sell butterfly plants and seed packets so people can start their own butterfly gardens. I've purchased several seed packets and I've set up a mini-greenhouse in my laundry room which has a very sunny window. I'm hoping in about 3 months or so, I'll have some nice-sized plants to set out in the garden just as our rainy season begins. (Our area is on water restrictions, so I'd rather wait for our daily rains to help the new plants become established. Otherwise I'm limited to twice a week waterings, and new plants need more than that.)

Here is a photo of Kiddo enjoying the "furniture" at Butterfly World. (This photo was taken in the aviary, where there are several species of hummingbirds that flit around like crazy!)

Isn't he just the cutest thing?


chelle said...

wow the butterfly place sounds amazing!

Good planning on the growing of plants!

I cannot wait to garden but we are waiting to see where the sun hits our yard since we live in a hill and have a ton of trees.

Haley said...

That video was so sweet! The powder on the floor...well at least it could be vacuumed up.

I love his signing! So sweet!

Susan said...

One of my favorite pics of my Dss 1 and 2 is when they "painted" with flour all over my kitchen floor! They were SO PROUD of their work! This video is PRECIOUS.



Jessica said...

OK, the end to that video was the sweetest thing! He's so adorable. Well, other tha the powder on the floor. At least it was the floor. My nephew dumped a container of powder on the bed. That was quite the mess.

Heather said...

Very sweet video. I wish we had a butterfly place like that around here. It sounds like a beautiful place.

Damselfly said...

That must be one of the cutest pictures of Lance ever! And the video ... ohmygoodness. He has already learned if you can't deny something, then just keep mum. ;)

You know I heart Butterfly World and butterfly gardening!

Awesome Mom said...

That was roughly similar to my day except that instead of powder I got poop. Harry went in his pants and tried (badly) to hide the evidence.