Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thinking About Verbs

I'm thinking about verbs today.

I'm wondering why some verbs are used the way they are.

For example, the verb "take."

Why do we say, "I'm going to take a nap?" It's not like I am going to physically lift up a nap and remove it from it's current location and proceed to relocate it to another place. The same with "take a bath." Uh-oh, watch out, stand guard over your tub, because someone is going to TAKE A BATH!!!

Now the phrase "take a meal" makes sense to me. Particularly if you are actually, physically, taking a meal to someone who is sick or has just had a baby or something. Also the phrase "take a time out" because you are taking TIME away from another task. That's perfectly OK.

Yes. These are the sorts of things I think about during the day. Particularly while I am taking a dump.



chelle said...

You TOOK the dump?


Mango Tango said...

I am somewhat in shock that you, my sister, just mentioned your defecating habits to your sista is comin' outa her shell!

Haley said...

I'm a huge English nerd, as you already know, and I think about this stuff constantly.

I don't think you're weird for it at all! :-)

Damselfly said...

I have some of the best thoughts in the loo.

Sheila @ Dr said...

I was a little startled as well. :)