Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Blog Post In The Making

Good afternoon!

I am looking forward to when Kiddo wakes up from his nap. We have a very important errand to run in preparation of friends over for dinner this evening.

I have to go to the store and buy beer.

We don't need anything else. We did our weekly grocery shopping the other day. I called Hubby to ask if there was anything we needed for tonight's dinner, he mentioned a few things that we needed but said he would stop at the store on the way home and get them.

Except for one, because they need to go in the fridge and get cold.

That's right. Beer.

So I'm going to walk into the grocery store in the afternoon with a toddler, and all I'm going to buy is beer.

I eagerly anticipate the strange looks I am sure I will be receiving from other Grocery Store Patrons and Grocery Store Employees.

How can I make this even better?

Oh, I'll also buy a lottery ticket.



chelle said...

In Canada we have to go to the liquor store for the beer, with the children in tow. It is actually an errand my husband doesn't mind taking the kids on. Silly Man.

Have a great time with your friends!

Awesome Mom said...

You should add cigarettes and junk food to the pile to make yourself look even worse. Lol! Maybe even a pregnancy test as well.

Heather said...

In Minnesota we have stores just for the beer and the booze (like Canada) so, yep, I take the kids to buy the wine or the beer. They even have suckers (lollipops) for the kids.

Damselfly said...

...and don't forget the cigarettes. And myabe some Cheetos or something.

Damselfly said...

Oh, I see Awesome Mom had the same thoughts....