Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Fun (and) Things that Go Bump in the Night

As you can see by my title, I have two things to discuss today. I will start with Easter Fun.

Since we don't have family in town, we spend Easter with the people in our small-group Bible study. In the last couple of years, we have started a new tradition. Since there are no children of egg-hunting age in the group, the grown-ups have an Easter Egg decorating contest. The photo you see to the left is me with the prize that my husband and I won with our "Most Far Out" eggs, which are pictured below.

As you can see, we have a lovely model of the Millenium Falcon starship piloted by Han Solo, built out of Lego. Inside the Millenium Falcon are R2-Egg2 (made from a quail egg,) Han Egg Solo and Chew-Begga. To the left of the Falcon can be seen C3-Eggo, Darth Eggar, and Obi-Egg Kenobi. To the right of the starship are Princess Lay-Egg, Luke Eggwalker and YodEgg.

Hee hee hee. We had lots of fun making these little guys.

On to the second part of my post. "Things That Go Bump In the Night."

We live in an apartment. Apartment construction is not always the best. A few days ago, my husband was innocently placing a pair of blue jeans on the top closet shelf, and the whole thing fell down on him. He was not a happy man.

However, he got to make a trip to "The Man Store" otherwise known as Home Depot. He bought a new length of shelving and some brackets, and installed a new closet shelf. Things were great and wonderful.

Until 2:30 A.M. when we were awoken by a very loud "bump" in the night. The new shelf had also fallen down. (See below.)

We don't know what caused it to fall down. Perhaps the structure of the wall weakened when the first shelf fell?

Not only did the top shelf fall, but it fell onto the shelf below. Luckily, that one is still up, but some of the brackets holding it to the wall came off. All we need is some new brackets and everything will be fine.

This time, Hubby's going to get a different kind of bracket that will hopefully be stronger.

In other news, Damselfly and myself have just joined a Mom's Group bible study at our church. It meets there at the church, so we have use of the church nursery. Two blissful hours without diaper changes and aching arms. PLUS we got to chit-chat with other grown-ups! It's wonderful!


Damselfly said...

Um. Someone should tell you those shades are just a little too big for your face. LOL!

You guys are so creative with your eggs and L(egg)os. Your eggs should have swept all the awards!

And as far as joining this group, hmm, I'll see first if the Sandman cometh for naptime, or if a nursery full of active babies is too much for the babe! ;)

Jessica said...

Oh my word...I love the eggs! You definitely deserved those lovely sunglasses. I have to be sure to show my husband the egg design. He will LOVE them! Very creative! I'm impressed!

Susan said...

So glad to hear that you have joined this Bible Study...I SO WISH I had had that support when mine were younger. It was hard to find.

I love the Egg idea...toooo funny!! Have a BLESSED day!!

:-) Susan

Amber said...

I'm so happy you and Damselfly are able to get a brief (and much-needed) break!!

"The Man Store." Loved that description, though Hunky Hubby probably would have grunted and snorted. :-)

Also, I should probably clarify "calling" on my blog. Yes, it is temporary. No one is paid in our church and throughout our lives, we serve in different areas usually for a couple of years at a time. These "callings" range from working with the children, the women, Sunday School, activities, etc. My favorite is working with the youth and I'd love to have the opportunity again sometime. All callings are made by the Bishop!

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi Guinevere Meadow -- i saw your question on amber's blog and, if okay, would also like to add a thought.

yes, callings are temporary (sometimes months, sometimes years, you never know how long). the bishop calls on you and asks if you would like to take a particular "calling." you can say no. you can say yes. it is up to you to choose.

i have been a member of our church for 2 years and have spent the last six months volunteering in the kids' program, called "primary." i presently teach the 5 year old class, it is called "CTR6." ctr = choose the right. and they will turn 6 y/o this year. working with the little children has been priceless, just loving so much of it. i like it how in this church you really never know where you will be needed (to volunteer), but it just feels good to be needed for as long as you are needed when you are needed. i know that is a run on. :)

blessings to you this day from anchorage alaska :)

Awesome Mom said...

Do you have more close up pics of the eggs? I would love to see them in more detail.

Good for you for getting out of the house now and then. It is such a relief to talk to adults now and then. My husband is nice but I like to talk about girly stuff too.

Mamacita Tina said...

I'm a total Star Wars fan, and appreciate your egg display. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Very creggtive.

Yikes on the closet shelf. As the soup nazi would say...No shelf for you!