Friday, April 20, 2007

I'd like to thank the Academy...

I never thought I'd win one of these! Hee hee! Thanks, Damselfly, for this great honor! I think I'll put mine in my sidebar, too. This is worth keeping!

Let's see. Now I need to nominate some more blogs. I only read a small handful of blogs, and many of them have already received this award, so I think I'll just nominate three.

1. Darlene Schachts Blog.

I've been following this gal for a couple of years now. She's probably won oodles of these. She founded Christian Women Online and can be seen writing in several other places. She has also published a book called "The Mom Complex" which is just simply fabulous.

2. Learning for Lifetime

I found Susan during the Ultimate Blog Party. She writes thought-provoking spiritual lessons peppered with anecdotal illustrations. I love her!

3. Natalie Kale: Unabridged

This is my sister's blog. She's a twenty-year-old college student, and God is doing a lot with her right now. She expresses so well the things He is showing her. Although I pick on her 'cuz she's my kid sister, I've really learned a lot from reading her blog.


Susan said...

Oh how SWEET!!! Thanks, for the kind words...I received this award a few weeks ago...but maybe I can nominate five more bloggers.


:-) Susan

Mango Tango said...

The Lady of Shallot is greatly honored by you. There is a great deal of love within my heart towards you dear Guinevere!

Glass Half Full said...

AWESOME!! What an honor!!

Damselfly said...

Keep on thinking! As I know you will....