Sunday, April 1, 2007

I knew it would happen sooner or later!

It happened.

He fell.

Off the queen-sized bed.

On Dad's watch.

We often prop up Lancelot on the bed in his room while we rummage in his drawers for his clothes. This morning, Dad was caring for Lancelot while I slept in. (We have a deal. On weekends, one day I will wake up when Lancelot does and let Hubby sleep in, the next day we switch.) Today was my day to sleep in. I wake up, hearing a scream. A loud scream. I rush into the nursery to find Hubby gently cradling Lancelot, rocking him back and forth and muttering soothing somethings into his ear. I ask what happened.

"He fell off the bed."


"He was propped up against the pillow and fell over."

"Where were you?"

"Looking for a bib."

It astounds me. As I said, we often prop him up against pillows and he's fine. But in the split second in which a parent's back is turned, that's when the kid falls over.

Lancelot is fine. No harm done. He didn't fall on his head, didn't bump the end table on his way down. I told him it was bound to happen sooner or later.

After all, he *is* his father's child!


Awesome Mom said...

That won't be the last time either. My kids love to jump on my bed and often they will forget that they are too close to the edge and fall off. At least now that they are older the fall is less traumatic and often they will climb back up on the bed for more jumping.

Susan said...

Oh no! The first time is so hard. I hope that all is well...and I applaud you for your attitude with your dh. You're right, it was bound to happen and it happens in a split second.

Have a BLESSED glad to see you around again. I missed you coming back from vacation.

:-) Susan

Glass Half Full said...

Oh yes....many more to come!!! I think my little one has a lump on his head all the time from accidents. He is such a clutz!