Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Moment of Ranting, if I may.


Lease restrictions.

Threat of eviction.

All over a lousy satellite dish.


Aggravation of all kinds.

When we moved in, the lovely leasing agent who was so anxious to rent us this apartment told us that of course we could install a satellite dish. We could put it outside by the corner of the building up on a pole. We just couldn't affix it to the building itself. (Either she lied to get us to take the apartment, or she just simply didn't know. Either way, it's not good.)

Foolishly, we believed her. After all, every other building in the apartment complex which was facing the proper direction also had satellite dishes installed on poles outside. And if the leasing agent said it's OK, why should we NOT believe her??

We've had our satellite dish for the better part of a year. A few days ago, we receive a letter stating that we are in violation of our lease agreement and if we do not correct the problem, we will be asked to "vacate the premesis."

We have seven days to become "in compliance." Imagine trying to get service people out to your house within seven days.

Miraculously, Hubby arranged for the satellite tv people to come and move our satellite dish to a more appropriate location. They were supposed to arrive between 8 and noon. They showed up at 1:30. They couldn't do what he wanted them to do and said they had to call someone else who had "more advanced training" to come fix this problem.

I have no idea when this "more advanced" person will arrive. Hopefully this more highly trained individual will also have a better handle of the English language.


I don't particularly care if we have satellite TV or have to switch to cable, but Hubby just loves his satellite TV, particularly the high-definition channels. He purchased a special HD unit to record the HD shows, we paid a lot of money to have them bring out the HD-ready satellite dish, and now this.


Important lesson learned. Always check the terms of your lease before doing anything!!!

On a happier note, Lancelot is doing very well with his new solid foods. We started him on rice cereal, and while his initial reaction wasn't favorable, he now happily eats a generous serving of it twice a day. This afternoon, he sampled carrots for the first time. He didn't eat as much as he does of cereal, but I anticipate that will increase, as well. Once we know carrots are OK, squash and sweet potatos are on the list.

Any funny stories of your babies eating their first solid foods?

Enjoy some photos. I sometimes feed him in the little chair pictured below, other times we lay him across our laps and place a pillow under his head. We find that this allows more food to go into his mouth than to dribble down his chin. (Gravity is a wonderful thing.)

Have a pleasant day!


Awesome Mom said...

Be careful with the laying down position because he could choke or aspirate the food.

We always fed in the bouncy seat the first little while. That blue chair is very neat looking where did you get it? I am such a baby gadget nut that if I had a baby right now I would be buying it.

Mango Tango said...

That chair makes me smile

Amber said...

In a word for you: GRRR!

And I LOVE the bumbo. In fact, I want one so much for my next baby that I'm buying one for my neighbor's shower next week and hope she'll loan it to me. :-)

And nice of you to extend the Fort Lauderdale offer TWO MONTHS AFTER we flew out of there after our cruise. :-) We hope to hit Orlando this summer but that's a wee bit out of your way!!

Damselfly said...

Don't you Grrr hate waiting Grrr around for Grrr service people Grrr? I hope Grrr the dish Grrr works out Grrr OK.

Lancelot looks so jolly!