Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Baby Bathtub Has Left The Building

We have retired the baby bathtub. I realized it was time to graduate to the "big kid" tub when Lance tried to crawl out of his baby tub. He would turn himself around in it, lean way over the side to pick up toys that were on the floor, and just generally wouldn't stay put. He loves the big tub! He can crawl around in there, stand up, sit down, turn himself around and do the hokey pokey. This photo was taken on his 3rd bath in the real tub. He just loves it!

(You may have noticed a pirate theme going on in this family. A few days ago I posted a photo of Lance wearing a Jack Sparrow wig and hat, now you see that his rubber ducky is, in fact, a pirate ducky. Wait a second. I have another pirate picture for you!)

I don't know how well you can see, but the shirt says "Pirate In Training" and I bought it at Disney World when he was just a month old.


The reason for this pirate madness? Well, a couple years ago the men in our small-group Bible Study decided to dress up as pirates and serve the ladies dinner on Mother's Day. (I have no idea why they chose pirates.) So now our group calls itself "Captain Doug's Prayer Pirates." It's very corny, but hey, every group needs a gimmick, right?

Here they are.

After serving us dinner, they chased us around the house and called us "wenches."

We have a fun time at Bible study. LOL!


Amber said...

SUCH a fun pirate picture. And I LOVE the one of Lancelot in the real bath. I was so glad for the switch. My kids are bath-obsessed and would spend hours in there if I let them!

Awesome Mom said...

I think if I had a group like that I would study the scriptures more lol. Cute pictures. We have a devil duck that had to go in hiding because Harry was gnawing on the duck's horns.

Susan said...

Your boy is growing up. He looks like a little man in that tub!!

And I LOVE the pirate themed Bible Study. What fun!!

Have a great week!!

:-) Susan

Beck said...

What a beautiful brown eyed boy.
You should SEE the size of our baby tub! One of my elderly aunts hauled it out of storage for me - it's from the 50s and I could bath a TEN YEAR OLD in it!

Mom of a munchkin said...

I wish my husband and I could find a fun/good bible study group like that!

Thanks for your comment on "A few party pictures" I had a lot of fun planning that party!

Mamacita Tina said...

Lance has the sweetest puppy dog eyes! So cute! The big bath tub is almost like a swimming pool to little guys, so much more fun.

Your pirate prayer group sounds like a lot of fun, it's good to be silly.

Damselfly said...

You know what, we should get out of the baby tub too. It's hard trying to keep Fly from standing up.

Lancelot is sooo gorgeous! He is going to be some kind of hottie.