Thursday, September 27, 2007

Because I'm A Bad Friend

Several days ago, Damselfly bestowed the "Nice Matters" award upon me. I ever so dutifully posted the graphic in my sidebar, and completely let the honor go unacknowledged.

(Damselfly, why on earth do you put up with me?? I don't acknowledge your awards, it takes me forever to return things that you loan me, and I barge in on you at your house without even calling first. I don't deserve you!!)

So thank you, dear Damselfly, for thinking of me in regards to this award. Now, it's my turn to pass it on!

Let's see. I'm going to give the award to:

1. Horseymama at A Day in the Life of a Stay At Home Mom because she's another real-life friend of mine, and well, she's nice. Very generous and helpful! Also a person that I know will actually pray for me when she says she will.

2. Mamabear June at the Path to Health, because she always leaves such encouraging comments when I post regarding the weight-loss challenge I am participating in.

3. Anne/kq at Life in the Ketchup Bottle. I've never met her, but I can tell by her writing that she must be a very nice person indeed.

Isn't it nice to get an award for being nice? That doesn't happen often. LOL!


Damselfly said...

You deserve it!

Mama Bear June said...

Aww, thanks! I'm humbly honored. :-)

Amber said...

There is something to be said for being nice. I'm not sure what it is because I'm not called that but I'm sure it's good. :-)