Monday, September 24, 2007

Beware the Babysitter!

This is what happens when you leave your little boy in the care of your friends who have two daughters.

"Mommy, I don't think this blue dress matches my grey and green baseball shirt. Can you please ask my babysitter if she has it in a different color?"

This is also what happens when you leave your baby in the care of your friends who have recently left the baby years, so they clearly miss the days of wrestling squirming, wriggling, infants into tiny little bitty clothes. They miss it so much they keep putting different costumes on your child.

Now that's more like it!

Tee hee hee. Poor Lance.

He spent several hours yesterday afternoon at the home of my friends C and K while Hubby and I were with our church band, playing at a local homeless shelter. We played outside for about two hours. It was quite the experience. I'm not sure if "shelter" is quite the right word for it, it was more like a halfway house. People have to go through an orientation program, and they are required to look for work and find it. As they get more and more on their feet, they "graduate" to nicer living areas.

I think the thing that most struck me was the children. When you think of homeless people, you don't often think of children. But there they were! It was really quite heartbreaking. While I know that God used our band to bring some joy and light into these people's lives, I think we all learned a thing or two as well.


Amber said...

Toooooooo cute and welcome to Bode's life. The other day, Jamie came home to find him in Haddie's ladybug skirt.

The man has not recovered. :-)

Beck said...

Look at his FACE! He looks so hilariously offended in the first picture!

Anne/kq said...

I love the pictures.

Working with the homeless can be so heartbreaking. But it's always rewarding.

Paul Merrill said...

Hilarious pix!

(Found your blog via your comment on my blog, via my comment on another blog. Ah the joys of blogging!)

Mamacita Tina said...

Of course the babysitters couldn't resist dressing him up, he's so cute! The pirate hat is perfect.

My hubby's work has an annual "backpack" drive for the homeless school in our area. We fill backpacks up with school supplies for the students. It really makes one think about the priorities we have in this country.

Susan said...

Those pictures are so CUTE. He'll thank you for them someday! ;-)

I love going to our "Church in the Park" for homeless here in our town. And yes, the children just break my heart. But we can ALL praise Jesus.

:-) Susan

Damselfly said...

I bet the sight of Lance in a dress made your husband hit the ceiling!