Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time for a clean sweep!

I have the sweetest, most loving and understanding husband in all the world.

Just last night I was bemoaning my inability to keep the house in good order the way I did before Lance came around. I was on a schedule, assigning specific housecleaning tasks for each day of the week so that grime and dirt never built up. The showers were scrubbed once a week. The kitchen counters were wiped down daily, and weekly they were REALLY cleaned, as in I would move things off of them and clean behind and under appliances and get all the crumbs out of the corners. I even wiped out the inside of the microwave and the refrigerator shelves.

Dusting and vacuuming was assigned to another day. I went through the house with my Swiffer duster. I not only dusted furniture, but I dusted the outside of the air vents and all the blades of all the ceiling fans.

My house was clean. Cluttered sometimes, but clean.

Now, 9 months after having a baby, I've been letting those things go. I might pull out the duster once every couple weeks and quickly swipe over visible places and run the vacuum cleaner in high-traffic areas of the house, but I can't remember the last time I moved things off of counter surfaces or table tops. The space behind the toilets have seen neither sponge nor Lysol in an eternity.

So my husband came up with a fantastic, incredible idea.

We are going to hire a cleaning service to come in and get this place spic-and-span. It's much easier to maintain an already-clean house than to try and start from scratch. And it's just frustrating to only have one room of the house clean at a time. (Which is the way it usually ends up. Every so often I'll find myself with two hours in which to clean, so I'll attack a room with a vengeance. Then I'll feel great about it, until I leave the room. Can I get a witness??)

Isn't he just a darling man? I think so.

I'm over the moon. Going to get quotes from a few places now. Have a lovely day!


Mamacita Tina said...

Ok, so your hubby is a keeper. What a great suggestion.

My house has definitely not been cleaned well in three years! Sigh.

Susan said...

This is THE BEST MONEY I spend!! I lost my lady before the Summer and I'm desparate to find a new one. I LOVE IT. When the boys were little, I hired a "Mother's Helper"...a teen from our church who came for one hour every day to do the things that I simply didn't have time to do. She was wonderful. I paid her $50/week which was better than she'd make at fast food and she was happy because she could flex her time as needed.

Enjoy it...and HUG that MAN...

:-) Susan

Awesome Mom said...

What a nice hubbie!! I know what you mean about only having one room clean at a time. It is especially bad for me in the summer since we are outside all the time and I am not home as much to clean.