Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Argh, grumble, rant, grumble, argh, bad words. Lots of bad words.

Is it too much to expect basic competence out of the people who care for my child while we're at church? We have a lovely nursery, staffed with lovely ladies who truly care for the children, but...

It seems there have just been too many "mistakes" as of late. I can forgive a mistake or two. I know that accidents are bound to happen whenever at least one child is in any given room. But when bad things continue to happen to my kid because someone didn't take the time to think something through, well, then I run out of patience.

This morning during my Tuesday Morning Moms group bible study, one of the nursery ladies came in to get me. Lance had gotten hurt. "Don't panic," she said. (Anytime anyone begins a conversation with the words "don't panic," PANIC!) "He's OK, he just stuck his fingers in the hot glue we were using for our craft today."

Ummm, excuse me? Did I hear you right? You're using a hot glue gun for a craft project for toddlers!!?? Yep, sure enough, they were. According to the official accident report, the ladies were working one on one with the children gluing macaroni onto something or other. Lance went up out of curiosity to the hot glue gun that was placed within the reach of infants and toddlers, stuck his finger in the glue that was dripping out of the end of it, and the end of his finger is now blistered and swollen.

I took him home right away, of course, and did my best to settle him down. A bottle of chocolate milk and lots of cuddling finally did the trick, but he was in some serious discomfort for a long time before he finally succumbed to sleep.

In what universe is it okay to keep hot glue guns in the reach of small children? They might as well have left matches and knives lying around.

Maybe I'm overreacting. This is the 3rd "incident" in recent weeks that has resulted in my child being hurt due to someone not thinking. A couple of weeks ago, he was scratched by another child. I realize that the ladies couldn't have prevented it, but they could have come to get me. They didn't think it was worth it. We didn't see him until he had been in the nursery for two hours and his face was scratched and red.

Not too long ago, I posted about the incident in which a nursery worker was found with a gun on his person.

I don't think I can trust the church nursery anymore. Isn't that a shame?


Awesome Mom said...

I would be very mad about that incident, very. There is no reason to have a hot glue gun around curious little children, it just asks for trouble.

Sheila @ Dr Cason.org said...

Oh it's blistered? Second degree then. Should still be okay but I'd take him to the doctor.

Second degree burns can progress to full thickness burns if they get infected!!

See my post on burns in answer to your question!!


Susan said...

Isn't this a Methodist Church? It seems to me that there are nursery guidelines out there...and if nothing else, it certainly seems that safety in the nursery should be investigated.

Hugs to you and to Lance!

:-) Susan

Beck said...

Poor little guy!
We never leave our baby in alone in the church nursery - one of us always stays with her. Sounds like you'll have to take turns, too.

Jessica said...

I've been contemplating this at my church as well. We've only had one "incident," but it could have been deadly. Twice on ONE DAY my son got out of the nursery and went up to the baptistry and check out the water. The second time he had one leg over the side. He would drown if he got in. I had a slight panic attack. So far nothing else has happened, but if it does happen again he will be by my side at all times.

candeelady said...

this is horribly careless. I teach craft classes and I won't put glue guns any where near kids under age 10. It's too bad that there are people ignorant of common sense and safety taking care of kids in nurserys and many other places. Absolutely do not trust that nursery again. Some one should be held responsible and be let go from this volunteer position.

Michelle in Mx said...