Sunday, June 1, 2008

He's All Boy

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He's all boy, my little man. While he may occasionally pick up a doll to play with or want to wave a pom-pom in the air, it's things like this make me secure in the knowledge that my little guy is all man.

This evening, we were hosting our weekly bible study. There are 5 couples in the group who gather to have dinner together and discuss things of God. We're currently reading a book called "God Is Closer Than You Think" by John Ortberg. I highly recommend it. Anyhoo. As everyone was arriving, Lance comes into the family room and announces "I gotta BUG!" (Well, maybe not in those particular words, in fact it was more like "gibberish-gibberish BUG!" even though everyone in the room knew exactly what he was saying.) In his hands, he held a small dead lizard that he found in a windowsill. The men in the group think it will be funny if they encourage him to bring it to me. I hear a chorus of "take it to Mommy!"

Since Lance is such a compliant, willing-to-please child, he did so. He walked right up to me holding this dead lizard waving it around in the air, and...

drum roll, please....

He put it in his mouth.

I uttered profane, blasphemous things and somehow I managed to leap over the ten people who were milling around in my kitchen and land in the opposite corner, far far away from such disgustingness without hurting anyone.

All the women shrieked along with me. All the men starting guffawing and chuckling.

Thankfully, someone nearby to Lance was able to extricate the ex-reptile from his mouth.

That's my boy!


Haley said...

Still laughing about this one....

Wow :-)

Anonymous said...

From:- Sister-in-South africa.

I'm not a sentitive mom when it comes to goggas (bugs) , but I would draw the line at putting one in your mouth. I'm a operating room sister and so cleanliness is sort of an obsession with me. My poor children. They have been put through the don't touch or eat that because it's dirty from a very young age. I just can't seem to help myself.
Enjoy your day
Love me.

Amber said...

I think he will be the future Crocodile Hunter.

At least one that focuses on lizards.... :-)

Jessica said...

I would have screamed and jumped as well. Hoss put EVERYTHING in his mouth, but so far, no lizard! ACK!

Susan said...

Oh no!! This cracked me up and reminded me of a similar situation with my brother and a small pet turtle when he was little. Ugh!! I'd have been in the corner with you.

:-) Susan

Damselfly said...

The ex-reptile! LOL!

Michelle in Mx said...