Friday, January 16, 2009

Multitask? Not so much.

Kiddo's in bed. Hubby's away for the weekend, so I have the house to myself. I decide to tidy up a little bit. I wander into the kitchen and decide to wash some dishes, since there are only a few there. Before I can wash the dishes, I need to empty the drying rack which is overflowing with dishes I washed earlier in the day. I put away a couple of pots, some silverware, and mostly plastic food storage containers. I stand up from bending over the cabinets when my eye falls on the laundry room. I remember that I have a load of towels and sheets in the washer which needs to go in the dryer. So I go in there and do that. I briefly consider putting another load in the washer, but decide against it since it would most likely sit in the machine all night and then I'd have to run it again, anyway. I leave the laundry room. As I cross through the living room to make my way back to the kitchen to finish the dishes, I catch sight of the counter which really needs to be cleared. There is food to be put away, fast-food containers from tonight's dinner of chicken nuggets and fries to be thrown out, and I really need to consolidate my stuff from two purses into the one that I know I will be using tomorrow. So I start to clean out my purse. While doing so, I find tickets to a local attraction stuck to the bottom of my purse. There's a raisin stuck to one of the tickets. Ew. I throw away the old receipts from the purse, pry the raisin off of the ticket, and transfer necessary items like wallet, keys, pen, and my ID badge for school into the other purse. Tickets in hand, I make my way back to my bedroom to put the tickets in my jewelry box, which is the standard place for me to store things like tickets. While I'm in my room, I pick up the clothes hanger that is on the floor from when Kiddo was playing in the closet earlier. I walk out of my room, and back to the kitchen. I wash the skillet I used to make my omelet this morning. As I stand there washing the skillet, I realize that I have taken a tour of my entire house in my efforts simply to wash some dishes. It then occurs to me that it would make a great blog post, so I put the one skillet into the now-empty drying rack, ignore the rest of the dishes, and come back to my computer so I can tell you all that I cannot focus on a single task, let alone try to multitask. It just ain't me.


Damselfly said...

LOL! I love the tickets stuck to the bottom of your bag with a raisin! Being a mom is so glam! :)

I try to multitask, and it sometimes it works out, but other times it's downright dangerous. I have forgotten I left a pot of water on the stove to boil, for example. Gah!

Heather said...

I can relate to being distracted at every task. One thing starts another.

chelle said...

hehe this is so me like everyday! Yet somehow I putter through it all and get it all done!

I love having the house to myself for short periods of time.

Haley said...

My attempts at multi-tasking are sometimes successful, and sometimes are just like this post.

At least you tried!