Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guinevere's Thoughts On Shoes

I am not like most women in the United States. (I am not familiar with the shoe-purchasing habits of women in other countries, but I imagine it is similar in other civilized Western nations. Please forgive me if I have offended a nationality by my comments on shoe purchases.)

I do not enjoy buying new shoes. Shoe shopping, to me, is a chore. It is something to put off until your other shoes have fallen apart. I do not have fifteen bazillion pair of shoes. A pair of sneakers, a couple pairs of sandals, one pair each of black and brown "dressy" shoes, and a pair of spiky-heeled boots for when the tigress in me demands to come out. ;)

Yesterday, my third pair of sandals fell apart so it was time for some shoe shopping.

If I didn't enjoy shoe shopping before toddlerhood, it is even much less enjoyable now. At least before I had time to stand still, my eyes savoring the sight before me, analyzing the pros and cons of each possible pair of shoes. Would they be comfortable? Would I be able to wear them with the clothes I had, or would the purchase of a particular pair of shoes necessitate the purchase of additional clothing?

Now, however, I have a squirming toddler in the shopping cart who doesn't like the cart to remain still. (You should see us in the grocery store. It's like those game shows where the people run up and down the aisles, throwing their items in the cart at lightning speed, not caring if they smush the bread with the three dozen eggs they just tossed in.) Yes, I buy shoes in stores that have shopping carts. Most specifically, Target. I hate shoe shopping, so I hate spending a lot of money on them.

But I digress. I am pleased to announce that yesterday, in record time, I found three pairs of shoes that are comfortable, will go with the clothes I have, look cute, and are comfortable. You see, the last couple of times I purchased shoes they looked fantastic but they blistered my feet beyond recognition. Why do we do this to ourselves? I don't get it.

I found a pair of simple black ballet flats,

sorry- this picture just did *not* come out well

some sandals with a low heel (some may call it a "wedge"- I'm not up on current shoe terminology),

and a fantastic leopard-print pair of flip-flops.

I live in South Florida, so flip-flops are a necessity. Additionally, my house is mostly tile floor, and tile can be really rough on your back. My chiropractor encourages me to wear shoes even when I'm in the house, and I've found that it really does make a big difference. So you see I love my cushy flip-flops. I'm wearing them right now, in fact.

So there are my thoughts on shoes.

Thanks for listening.


Brent O. said...

Seriously, you have to try I've been buying shoes from them for years. Returns are free, and you can return for up to one year as long as you didn't wear them. They have great reviews that give you a percentage of people who thought that the shoe was true to size, or whether it runs small or large. Their service is absolutely unreal.

I bought my last two pairs of sandals from them. I bought three pairs with the intention of only keeping the best-fitting ones, but two of them were such a good fit that I kept 'em both and only sent back one pair. Love it.

The prices aren't necessarily cheaper than brick & mortar stores, but you can't beat the convenience.

Awesome Mom said...

I am a person that is picky about shoes, but I don't hate shopping for them. Comfort is key with shoes. I don't wear them if they are not comfortable. It looks like you found some really cute shoes.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love the leopard print! And I'd love to help you with shoe shopping anytime!! :)

And don't worry about your comment- that doesn't matter at all! I always want my commenters to be able to share whatever they want!


Jessica said...

Great shoes! I may have to check out Target! I am also not a fan of shoe shopping, mostly because my feet have turned into hugely wide bricks since I've had my son. Just one of the many ways your body is never the same after child birth. *sigh*

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Hey, I recognize those shoes in the middle picture! :)

Seriously, you have such cute little feet, I can't imagine why you wouldn't love shoe shopping.

And I am going to get you to wear a pair of red shoes one of these days. I tell you, they're magical....

Gerbil said...

I hate shoe shopping too. boy do I hate shoe shopping.

Susan said...

OK I LOVE Shoes!!! My problem is that I love them too much. Those wedged sandals are adorable! And the leopard flip flops will go with so much.

Glad it went smooth.


Mamacita Tina said...

I know what you mean. Shopping of any kind with the kids is not my idea of fun. I avoid it if at all possible. But there are times when shopping has to be done. Last time I took the kids with me to try and find myself some shoes, I practically pulled my hair out.

Alyrose said...

Interesting post!! I like your collection. Well, I also have 3 pair of shoes.

Michelle in Mx said...

having three under 5 has pretty much ended the time I would have otherwise done something . . .like make an eye appointment for new glasses, perusing a thrift store or shopping for myself of any kind. My shoes are in SUCH a sorry state . . . those sandals are ADORABLE though, and I just might have to venture out to target and see if they have my (giant) size . . .