Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's My Party (and I'll cry if I want to!)

Feeling bummed out. Hubby and I are supposed to be hosting a Memorial Day BBQ/pool party tomorrow for a large amount of our friends.

Two days ago, we found out that the vast majority of the people who were planning on coming over here decided to ditch us and go to someone else's party instead.

Are we in middle school, people??!!!! This party was primarily for the people in our bible study group. They were going to come over at 4, we would BBQ, play in the pool and enjoy each other's company, and then break off to do our bible study. We also invited some of our other friends from the church that are not in this particular study to join us for the BBQ. This was going to be the first party we threw at our new home. We were really excited about it; D and J do a Christmas party every year, we all celebrate New Year's at B and R's place, H and J have a 4th of July shindig, so we thought our house would become the place to be for Memorial Day.

So imagine my disappointment when I am informed by someone in the bible study group that "the group decided to go to C's BBQ instead and then we'll come to your house for the Bible study."

What!!!! I'm sorry, how can someone else cancel my event without asking me first or giving me a reason?

As I make phone calls to get to the bottom of this, I find out that C's BBQ has been planned for months and was also a surprise birthday party for one of our group members. C was supposed to call everyone in our group to remind us of this, but apparently she didn't because last week when we planned this whole thing, no one said , "Hey, don't forget about C's BBQ next week that we're all invited to." She certainly didn't call me, which is highly inconsiderate since I'm the one hosting the Memorial Day BBQ!

So I've been a little grumpy. Trying to take things in stride, but ya know what? It hurts my feelings just the same.

We're still having our party. Three people are coming.

We're going to have the best party ever, darnit!

That'll show them.


Awesome Mom said...

Planning parties can be so frustrating sometimes. My own good bye playdatewas very poorly planned and only a small handful of people even showed up for various good reasons. My close friends that would have planned the party could not because they both had just had babies. The friend that it fell to was super busy at the time and ended up not even calling people to tell them about the event. The only ones that showed up were ones that I had told about the event. It would have been nice to see more people, but then it is also a relief to not be the center of attention. I hope that you have a fun BBQ.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness! I wish I could come to your BBQ! I wonder if these people know how they are making you feel? I always stick by my first invitation or commitment... I hope your get together still goes wonderfully!


Damselfly said...

We are gonna partay like it's 2099!

This has happened to us a few times before. We've even had guests who party-hop during some holidays. I'm sure folks didn't know how much this party meant to you, because I don't think they would just ditch you like that.

But if you want me to beat anyone up, just let me know. You know I could take them.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

The party I was supposed to go to today was cancelled! I'm so bummed and wish I could join you!!! We're just going to grill out here with the boys and have a good time anyway! : )


Haley said...

I'm really sorry to hear about those people being so inconsiderate. I hope your party turned out well!

Amber said...

Yep, junior high all over again. I am glad you still had it, though. And hope you didn't get rained out like we did!

Michelle in Mx said...

yeah, that's kinda yucky . .
*sheesh* Peoples! Be Frank!
I love frankness.

In the bible there is a story of the bridgroom that held his pary and everyone cancelled out on him too! You know what he did? Filled up his house with others!! It was a super party too!

You have a blast!

If I were near, I'd go too.

As it is, I'll blow a party favor in you honor.

Susan said...

This is so hard, isn't it? I have another one coming up this weekend and I always wonder what would happen if no one came. Actually, I'll bet the smaller party was just as fun.



Sheila @ Dr said...


Three people? Did they all show up?